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    Tefcon Corporation is one of the leading manufacturer
    and exporter of speciality high temperature products,
    mainly PTFE Coated Fibre Glass Fabric, One Side Adhesive
    Tapes, Belts, Silicon Coated Fibre Glass Fabric, Filter
    Fabric (Woven & Non-Woven), Filter Bags etc.

Garment & Fabric Tapes Garment & Fabric Tapes

The garment, fabric and ribbon tapes are required for different applications in these industries. These tapes are applicable in sealing, fusing and steam pressing processes.

Industrial Tapes

Heavy duty applications in the industry require sustainable range of tapes. These industrial tapes are capable to withstand extreme temperatures in the industries.

Electrical & Electronic Tapes

We manufacture electrical tapes with excellent insulation properties. The industry of electrical and electronic items demands secure and reliable tapes with good insulating properties so that electrical products remain safe.

Packaging Tapes

We have been serving packaging industry since long time with our range of packaging tapes and films.

Paper & Printing Tapes Paper & Printing Tapes

The tapes find wide application in paper & printing industry for holding and joining objects.

Lamination & Photo Tapes Lamination & Photo Tapes

We offer best quality tapes for lamination purpose in the industry. The lamination tapes and films are basically used as protective layer on the packaging of a product.

Specialty Tapes

With our wide range of tapes, we have covered almost all types of industries like electrical, packaging, printing and lamination.

Demarcation Tapes

Demarcation Tapes comprise durable and colored range of adhesive tapes that are available in PVC finish. These tapes are also known by names of lane marking tape, shutter tape, aisle marking tape and are generally used in meeting the demands of marking lines on floor areas in factories.

Teflon & Silicon Tapes

Our company manufactures a wide range of Teflon tapes that is non-toxic and odorless in nature. These tapes are self-fusing tape that sticks to itself and not to other surfaces. Made out of silicone elastomers, the silicone tapes, when stretched and wrapped onto itself forms a permanent bond between the tape layers.

Floor Marking Tapes

Floor marking tapes are widely used for safety purposes. These tapes find wide application for identifying lane marking for storage segmentation. The marking tapes made out of quality materials exhibit excellent resistance to chemical and other moving objects. The Floor marking tapes widely used in industries are better than paints.

Reflective Tapes

Reflective Tapes offers optimum nighttime brightness and visibility support and are available in multiple color choices. The most suitable use of these tapes is for permanent/temporary traffic signage that assists in preventing accidental damages.

Copper Tapes

The tapes are adhesive-backed copper tape widely used to keep slugs and snails out of certain areas in gardens, potted plants, and trunks of fruit trees, and other trees and shrubs. Manufactured out of insulation materials, these tapes find wide application in electromagnetic shielding or low-profile surface mount transmission line in electronics and in the production of tiffany lamps.

Teflon Laminated Tapes

Teflon Laminated Tapes comes with high temperature adhesive support which makes these more flexible as well as longer lasting in terms of working. Ideally suited for working in extreme environments, these low wicking and superior endurance based tapes can be offered in different width options to choose from.